AGRICULTURE & AGRO INDUSTRIES - South Africa World Expo 2020
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South Africa’s commercial agricultural sector is well-developed and globally competitive. Thanks to diverse climatic and geological conditions, South Africa is well suited for the cultivation of a wide range of crops.

Key agricultural and related products include corn, wheat, sugarcane, fruits (e.g., apples, citrus fruits, table grapes, berries), vegetables, nuts (e.g., groundnuts, pecan nuts, macadamias), beef, poultry, mutton, wool, fish and seafood.


A sophisticated and competitive agro-processing industry is built and supported by South Africa’s diverse agricultural sector, accounting for 23% of the country’s manufacturing sector and making it the largest sub-sector of manufacturing.  The food and beverages sector was one of the best performing manufacturing sub-sectors in the last five years, growing from R392bn in 2014 to R537bn in 2018.


Think South Africa, Think Opportunity.