SA ARTS & CULTURE - South Africa World Expo 2020
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South Africa has a rich and diverse cultural heritage and has produced many gifted artists. Culture is also a valuable economic asset, with many South African artists having become internationally successful and contributing to South Africa’s export earnings.


The South African Cultural Observatory is a national research project of the Departments of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC), which undertook an Economic Mapping of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) in South Africa 2020. The results show that:


The direct impact of the CCIs in 2018 was R74.39 billion, which accounts for 1.7% of South Africa’s GDP, including the indirect and induced impacts as wells; the CCIs generated a GDP value of R241.8 billion in 2018, which represents about 5.2% of the national GDP (Gross value added at basic prices) of South Africa, because of their strong linkage (multiplier) effects, 69% of the CCI’s GDP impact was generated in other non-CCI sectors in the rest of the economy.


In 2018 South Africa’s cultural goods exports were valued at US$ 446.5 million, and the value of cultural goods exports has been growing faster than the exports of other goods. South Africa’s cultural goods exports grew at 14.6% per year between 2015-2018.


Think South Africa, Think Opportunity.