SA RAILWAY NETWORK - South Africa World Expo 2020
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South Africa’s railway network is the domain of state-owned
Transnet Freight Rail and the Passenger Rail Agency of
South Africa (PRASA).

Transnet Freight Rail is the largest railroad and heavy hauler in Southern Africa, with approximately 21 000km of rail network, of which about 1 500km are heavy haul lines. Its rail infrastructure represents about 80% of Africa’s total.


Over the last five years, approximately 220 million tonnes of freight was transported by rail per year. On average, rail accounts for 25% of total freight movements in South Africa.


PRASA is responsible for most of the passenger rail services in the country. It owns a 2 280km rail network and has access to Transnet’s freight network.

In 2018, more than 20 million passenger trips per month were made by rail. In 2018, South Africa exported more than US$200m of railway-related goods, reflecting its manufacturing competitiveness in the sector. An estimated 100 local companies and a number of international players are involved in the railway industry.


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